Getting Here

The Isle of Cumbrae is just off the West Coast Of Scotland, and can only be reached by a ferry, run by Calmac Ferries. It's only town, Millport, where our two apartments are situated, nestles into the sheltered bay at one side of the tiny island, and the circumference of the whole isle is only 10.25 miles. 

Cycling is a really popular way to get around, as the outer road is very flat. However you can bring your car of course, and there's no booking required for the ten minute journey across from the mainland- just park in the ferry queue and head up to the ticket office for your car and passenger tickets. At the time of writing, a car is around £13 ,and each passenger is around £4. The  ferries run around every fifteen minutes in summer, half hourly in winter, and the sailing takes less than ten minutes.  Calmac Ferries have a phone app ,which helps you check the timetable, and I'd advise accessing that. 

However if you prefer to come by public transport, it couldn't be easier. Just catch the hourly train from Glasgow Central station to Largs - the journey takes around fifty minutes and passes along some beautifully scenic coast. Once in Largs, turn left as you exit the tiny station, and you'll see the ferry port in front of you ( it's about four or five minutes walk).

Once on the island, a bus meets every ferry. ( Please note in winter, when visitors are less frequent, this may be a minibus and you won't be able to take a bike on it ) Just ask for " The Garrison stop" if you're going to Rose Cottage ,and " Kelburn St stop " if you're staying at Beside the Bay. One of the friendly drivers will keep you right if you get stuck! 

You really don't need a car when you stay in Millport. All the shops cafes and bars are situated along the main promenade , and there is fantastic walking ranging from very level, well maintained footpaths, to more challenging scrambles across the fields to quieter, less populated beaches- you may be lucky and see some seals, or our resident dolphin, Kylie.