Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and conditions for Millport Breaks apartments. The payment of the deposit or payment in full implies acceptance of ALL the terms and conditions laid out below. Please ensure you have read and understood them before any payment is made.
  2.  Both Beside the Bay and Rose Cottage are non smoking spaces, and any indication that smoking has taken place within the apartments will automatically incur a £150 cleaning surcharge. You’re welcome to smoke in the garden, but please dispose of the cigarette stubs in street bins, not my own bins.
  3. You must recycle your rubbish, following the instructions in the flat. Any incorrectly binned rubbish will result in that bin not being emptied, so it’s essential that you recycle and also that you only use the bins allocated to each apartment- Rose Cottage one’s have roses on the side and name on top, Beside the Bay have Millport Breaks stickers on the sides.
  4.  Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the condition of the property , we reserve the right to enter the apartment as soon as is practical ,and we must be given the opportunity to rectify any perceived faults. You have a duty to inform us as soon as possible and certainly before the end of your holiday if you are unhappy with the apartment’s condition. You must also tell us as soon as possible if there is any failure of equipment , so that we can replace for the next set of guests. We will only routinely offer any refund of your holiday cost if there is severe disruption to normal services offered, such as power or water failure which would materially affect the quality of your break. Any other payments are entirely at my discretion.  
  5. If you cancel your break, for any reason including, but not limited to, Covid related illnesses or self isolation periods, I will do my best to relet your holiday dates , and refund you what you have paid, minus £25 administration fee and any discount I have to offer to a prospective guest to relet those dates. If I am unable to relet your dates, any refund is at my discretion, and I would strongly advise taking out travel insurance when you book. If there is any local or national lockdown which would prevent the apartments being available to rent, I will of course refund you in full. However if the lockdown applies to your home area, my usual cancellation policy will apply. Failure to pay the balance of your holiday within the time scale will result in an automatic cancellation. 
  6. Should you have to cancel your holiday I will offer the following, - a change of dates to an out of season break, if this is practical, and I will always refund any price difference if you choose a cheaper out of season break, minus £25 admin charge. 
  7. Dogs must be kept under the owner’s control at all times. Often an old dog will be content to be left alone in the apartment without incident, but any excessive or continuous barking , or obvious distress will result in you being asked to return to the apartment as soon as possible. Any damage to soft furnishings, woodwork or other areas of the apartment must be paid for , either at replacement or repair prices. I don’t charge for dogs, and am delighted to offer a dog friendly space ,but I rely wholly on your confidence in your own dog (s) to cope with a new environment. Any dog dirt in any of the apartment’s gardens must be picked up immediately, and I would ask you to pay particular attention on your leaving day. Bags are provided free of charge in the dog baskets in each apartment.
  8. Any damage to, or breakages within the apartment must be reported and paid for . I don’t take a damage deposit, and rely on the honesty and goodwill of guests to report and take responsibility. 
  9. Check in times and check out times must be adhered to. Often the apartment will be ready a little ahead of time, and I can sometimes offer a late checkout if no -one is arriving on your departure day, but this is dependent on my cleaner’s schedule and other job. Consequently, I will offer what I can either by text or email, usually on arrival/ departure day, or the evening before. If you’re coming for a wedding ,or other event that means you’d really benefit from flexibility in check in/out times, please let me know and I’ll try to help. 
  10. Quiet times in both apartments are : 10pm -7am. Please be respectful of these times, and ensure any time you spend outside in the evening takes account of the fact that you’re staying in an apartment with neighbours. Any excessive noise that my neighbours report will be noted and I will contact you to stop. 
  11. Should the ferries be cancelled while you’re staying in an apartment, please contact me immediately you become aware of this. I will do my best to be flexible as regards extra nights /late check in, but this is wholly dependent on other arrivals. If the ferries don’t sail on your arrival day, please contact me immediately you become aware of this – no claim for mainland accommodation  you may take to enable a sailing the next day will be payable in any circumstances.  No refund for unused nights in an apartment, should you not be able to arrive on your expected day will be given automatically, and is at my discretion. I may be able to offer an extension to your break in this event, but this depends on other bookings.  I strongly suggest you take out travel insurance, and also download the Calmac app to assist you in deciding if it’s sensible to set off for your stay in very bad weather /forecasts. 
  12. Please leave the apartments clean and tidy ,and ready for cleaning . Washing up should be dried and put away, bins emptied, and beds stripped and bagged due to Covid safety guidelines,  and please clean the grill pan and oven if you’ve used it. A quick hoover is always appreciated, if you have dogs, and if you can leave any dog towels /dirty throws beside your laundry bags, that helps my cleaner identify what needs changed. 
  13. Please read the welcome booklet on arrival, especially to familiarize yourself with heating controls, Wifi password ( on the blackboard in both apartments. ) The Wifi signal cannot be guaranteed.